Teachers Handbook

Need help with the paper work. Golden Valleys Lodge can provide a Teachers Handbook that includes:

  • Risk Assessment of the campsite.
  • Risk assessment of specialized activities
  • Emergency plan
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Proposed camp timetable (Schools have the option of providing their own)
  • Description of camp activities.
  • List of Local attractions and contact numbers
  • Student camp booklet

Written lesson plans and activity safety notes are available at camp. These notes are provided after the in-service training is conducted by management at Golden Valleys Lodge.


Schools have the option of organizing their own transport or having Golden Valleys Lodge provide a bus for them.

Wet Weather Programme

Just in case of wet weather, Golden Valleys Lodge can provide your school with a wet day programme. Your students can continue to enjoy their camp activities indoors. There are four separate indoor areas available if the program has to be moved indoors.

Click here for our all weather activities

Optional Extras

In keeping with our past practice, schools can provide their own staff to coordinate the camp and supervise campsite activities.

For schools requiring additional assistance, Golden Valleys Lodge can provide the following for an extra fee:

  • Camp Coordinator
  • Programme staff to supervise a variety of activities.
  • Giant Swing-requires "Golden Valleys Lodge" staff supervision

At least 3 months' notice is required if schools wish to use our program staff.

Closer than you think

Rural Adventure Camp located in the middle of the Mornington Peninsula.

Approximately 1 hour from Melbourne.

Accredited Camp


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