Geocaching is a “high tech” treasure hunt that see participants using GPS devices to navigate around camp to find hidden treasure. Participants will be educated so they can continue the game back home. A perfect way to mix technology and the outdoors. The GPS's are provided by Golden Valleys Lodge.


Orienteering will introduce participants to maps, map reading and teach them how to move accurately around a ten marker course. Time needs to be spent teaching participants how to read a map before sending them out in pairs. Beginner and advanced orienteering courses are available. Orienteering maps are provided.

Photo Trail

Our Photo Trail provides the students with an opportunity of exploring the campsite whilst they search for the objects shown in the photographs. The Photo Trail can be used as an introduction to orienteering or as a camp orientation activity.

Bush Cooking

Bush Cooking provides our guests with the opportunity to learn the basic skills of cooking over an open fire as well as tasting the culinary delights. Golden Valleys Lodge can provide cooking forks, jaffle irons and mixing bowls  Groups need to provide their own ingredients.

Hut Building

Hut Building challenges the participant’s creativity in designing and constructing a hut out of natural materials. Basic engineering concept can also be explored.

Closer than you think

Rural Adventure Camp located in the middle of the Mornington Peninsula.

Approximately 1 hour from Melbourne.

Accredited Camp


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